Jain Rubbers
has excellent infrastructure for manufacturing high quality products. It has been constantly improving its production processes and the key production activities are carried out in controlled environment areas.

Latest technology has been employed for producing high quality products with least rejections to have a defining edge over other manufactures.

A well equipped tool room for in-house development of high precision moulds, dies and fixtures is a key part of the infrastructure.


Quality Control

Jain Rubbers has an in house laboratory with advanced testing facilities for conducting requisite physical, chemical and endurance tests on the incoming raw materials, in process compounds and finished products. It can produce and supply products tested as per IP, ISO, BP, EP, USP and other relevant standards.

Raw Material Testing

Process Control

Product Inspection Final Testing


Jain Rubbers has the required expertise and technical know how to develop all type of rubber products for different application areas. Our research and development team shares the right balance of advanced technical know how and experience of over four decades to understand the requirement of our customers in detail and to offer the best solution.