Jain Rubbers Private Limited is situated 50kms from Chennai in the industrial estate at Gummidipoondi in the state of Tamilnadu, India.

Jain Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 1992 is a highly quality conscious company, dedicated towards achieving customerís satisfaction by delivering products of the highest quality. It is being managed by highly qualified and experienced technocrats and follows an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Jain Rubbers produces more than 200 types of different Rubber Products in Natural, Polyisoprene, Butyl, Bromobutyl, Silicon, Nitrile, Polychloroprene and other Synthetic Rubbers and can produce 250 million Rubber components for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry alone. It produces Rubber Bulbs/Injection Sites for infusion and transfusions sets, Pharmaceutical Rubber Closures, Rubber Gaskets for Disposable Syringes, Rubber Plugs for Blood Collection Vaccutainers, Rubber Sleeves/Covers for Blood Collection Needles, Rubber Float Discs, Rubber Plugs for Y-Connection and many other products for the Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry. Jain Rubbers produces highest quality rubber products with clean formulations backed by latest technology, controlled production environment, efficient quality assurance systems and highly skilled workforce. All the products are designed to meet the stringent requirements of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sector and conform to relevant IP, BP, EP, USP and ISO standards.

Jain Rubbers dedication towards high quality of its products has been rewarded with continuous support from its customers both at home and abroad and made it the foremost supplier of Rubber Bulbs/ Injection Sites for Infusion and transfusion sets in India.

Jain Rubbers has very good expertise in Automobile and Industrial Rubber products as well and is supplying a vide range of products to reputed companies in these sectors. Jain Rubbers has an excellent research and development team and can develop all kind of Rubber Products for different Industrial Segments as per customer requirements.